Dating can be exhausting. It can feel draining to talk about the same things over and over again, answering the same questions at dinner or coffee or dessert. Dating is especially difficult when we start to think of our future. How does he fit into my life? Does he fit into my life? Will my familylike him? Will he get along with my friends? What happens when we have our first fight?

The world is full of enough unknowns, and full of change. The only certainty we have is in this very moment. So date someone who loves you, and who isn’t afraid to show it. Because life’s too precious and you are too valuable to spend your time convincing anyone else.

Date someone who loves to listen to you after a long day of work Well maybe he doesn’t love it every day. But the world is exhausting, jobs are tiring, life can be draining and the guy who loves you will look to you as an escape. He’ll listen. He’ll hear you out. Maybe he’s had a difficult day, but the one who loves you and trusts you, cares enough to share it; or lend an ear to listen, so that you’re comfortable enough to share your struggles with him in return.

Date someone whose love makes you comfortable with who you are. Not every man is meant to be with every woman, and not every woman is meant to be with every man. But I can promise you, the man who loves you will love you in a way that makes you see the best within yourself.

Social media, television, diet fads and life-size posters of super models are enough to make us insecure for the rest of eternity. So date someone who’s love reminds you of your significance rather than of how hot you could look if you were three sizes smaller with perfect teeth and fiercer cheekbone. Trust me, it’s Photoshop, and the man that loves you isn’t looking to play the comparison game.

Date someone who loves you enough to make time for you. Time moves quickly, and as we get older, we feel the urgency of having less and less of it. His job might be hectic and he may not be available at every hour of the day, but do yourself a favor and date someone who loves you enough to create the time.

Because trust me, there will never be enough hours in the day to get it all done, there will never be an end to the to-do list, but there is someone out there who’s willing to make you a priority the way you make him one. And, well… if Beyoncé can find the time… so can he.

Date someone whose love doesn’t make you feel insecure about your
uncertainty. Life will bring you ebbs and flows… and on your journey, you’ll probably go through enough periods of self-doubt to write a novel – or at least a couple of chapters. Date someone who loves you in a way that makes you feel certain of your strength.

Because you’ll forget once or twice that you’re the source of it, that you’re capable of doing everything you set your mind to, that you’ve gotten this far. And a man that loves you will remind you… because he too wants to see you succeed. He’ll be your crutch… he’ll be there to pick you up in times that you fall, because we can’t prevent our failures but we can surround ourselves with love that makes us feel a little less lost in the dark.

Date someone who loves hearing your laughter. What a dreary life it would be without the sound of laughter, or the ease of a friendly smile. It’s a medicine of course, but it’s also connection, durability, playfulness wrapped in inside jokes and secret memories. Laughter can be a reminder of the bright moments even in the saddest of times.

Most importantly, if he loves hearing your laughter, he’ll do anything to make sure he hears it again and again. Sometimes he’ll even trick you into an uncontrollable half smile when you’re mad… and as much as you’ll pretend you hate it; you’ll know deep down you’re so grateful that he’s clever enough to force his way back into the soft spot of your heart.

Date someone who loves you enough to give you the answer key to his heart
Our paths are full of unknowns and unexpected. Dating someone means that you’ve agreed to be on the journey together, and the journey isn’t always clearly marked. Date someone who loves you enough to tell you how he’s feeling. Someone who isn’t afraid of vulnerability because he knows that every moment you’re with him is another moment you’ve fallen deeper for his soul.

Date someone who loves you enough to answer your questions, to open up when you ask, and to give you a little extra assurance when you’re feeling slightly insecure. No it’s not too much to ask, it’s simply honesty. And trust me, the man who loves you never wants you to feel like there’s a hidden reserve of love he’s holding back.

Love is as original an experience as a fingerprint to its hand. It may look the same from afar, but once you dig deeper than the surface… you’ll see how incredibly unique every experience of love will be. And yet, the most important function should always remain true: date the man whose love equates to making you happy in whatever way is truest for you.

Be with the one who puts that happiness, friendship and love before everything this material world can give, because if he can’t give you that… then you may risk, one day, forgetting how to give it to yourself.

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*_Why is the newly wedded man called GROOM and the woman called BRIDE? A friend of mine got tired of his WIFE just about six months after wedding._*
*_He complained bitterly to me about her and told me that he has concluded to break up with her; he went on to say that he was sure that he made a mistake. I did not respond immediately because I knew I must tell him that right thing, so I went home. And that is what birth this message._*
*_Many MEN have broken up with their WIVES because they end up not being the WIFE that they have dreamt of. But they have forgotten that on their wedding day was when the man was commissioned for the new task._*
*_Nobody calls the woman WIFE on her wedding day but BRIDE, because it is the man that will GROOM his BRIDE to become the WIFE. That is why the man is called ‘BRIDEGROOM or GROOM’ and the word grooming has to do with PATIENTLY NURTURING, TEACHING, TENDING and HELPING someone to become what he or she should be._*
*_It is therefore believed that a MAN that takes a WOMAN to the ALTAR of MARRIAGE is matured enough to patiently GROOM his BRIDE to become the WIFE. The man is not supposed to just expect the BRIDE to automatically become the WIFE, she must be groomed._*
*_It is clear that many of us men have unnecessary expectations when we were getting married, we want some magic to happen to our wives, we want them to become what we have had in mind about who we want our wives to be; not considering the fact that the woman does not know what is on your mind except you teach her._*
*_Our expectations are often too unrealistic, because we don’t remember that change takes TIME and we can only expect something from someone that knows what we want._*
*_So before you think of breaking up, have you groomed her? Have you given her TIME to understand you? Hope you realize that a turtle will never become a hawk? God often brings People that are opposites of each other together in MARRIAGE so that they can HELP EACH OTHER in their place of weaknesses. If your WIFE is weak where you are weak, then where will you get the strength that is needed? The problem with many of us is that we don’t accept People before attempting to change them._*
*_Of course, our wives are not from our backgrounds, so it will take TIME for them to adjust. Stop trying to change her, ACCEPT her, LOVE her, TEACH her and be PATIENT with her; that is what grooming is all about. She is going to be your WIFE but she is your BRIDE now, so GROOM her. Stop complaining about her, she may be a turtle and you a hawk, she cannot fly so be PATIENT with her. I don’t believe that your MARRIAGE can’t work, be PATIENT and allow GOD to HELP you._*
*_May Almighty God continue to be with us, guide and protect us in all our affairs Amen!!!_*
*_Wishing you the best Marital Life ever to all  single Ladies,Bros and Married ones here…_*

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What’s good for the goose is good for the ganda, it takes two to tango

Dear Married Man,
I am sure you have read and heard stories of how married women are told to accept any child their husbands father out of wedlock to prove that they are virtuous women. 
I advise you to be the same way. 
If you discover that your wife has brought in one or two children from outside, be a virtuous man and take them in.
That is what marriage is all about. 
Don’t lose your home because of that.
You cannot prevent your wife from seeing handsome men. It will take the grace of God for her not to cheat but if it happens, just understand that she is only human. Forgive your wife and don’t let the strange man win.
The strange man is out to ruin your home. Strange men are agents of the devil. Don’t lose your wife to him. Hold your wife’s hands and pray the strange man out of your marriage. A wise man builds his home.
Love your wife like never before during those times. Make love to her more often so she can quickly forget about the other man.
Fight for your marriage, oh virtuous man.
Fight for your wife.
Fight on your knees in the war room.
Intercede for your marriage.
If you lose your wife, it is the other man who will end up winning.
Don’t let another man take your place.
Guard your home, oh virtuous man.
And oh virtuous man, once the strange man is out, never bring up the issue again.
Forgive and forget about the issue.
Now, if your wife has the habit of sleeping with different men, it is most likely because there is something you are not giving her at home. It is most likely because you have failed in some responsibilities as a man.
Sit down and think about why your wife is straying.
Do you watch her favorite movies with her?
Do you dress well and smell nice for her?
Strange men of this world know how to do these things.
Give your wife what she needs and please, don’t stop praying for her.
Don’t lose your home because she is cheating.
Intercede for your marriage and meet her needs.
With time, she will change.
How does this sound to you?
Annoying, right?
Yes, it is. 
That is what many women are told so really you should hear it too…….
As copied from Abimbola Wale Falope

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      Accept others for 

      who they are and 

      for the choices they 

      have made even if 

      you have difficulty 

      understanding their 

      beliefs, motives 

      or actions.


      *BREAK AWAY* 

      Break away from 

      everything that 

      stands in the way 

      of what you hope 

      to accomplish 

      with your life.



      Create a family 

      of friends whom 

      you can share your 

      hopes, dreams, 

      sorrows, and 

      happiness together.



      Decide that you’ll be 

      successful *&* happy 

      come what may, and 

      good things will find 

      you. The roadblocks 

      are only minor

      obstacles along 

      the way.



      Explore & experiment. 

      The world has much 

      to offer, and you 

      have much to give.

      And every time you 

      try something new,

      you’ll learn more 

      about yourself.



      Grudges only weigh 

      you down and inspire 

      unhappiness *&* grief. 

      Soar above it, and 

      remember that 

      everyone makes




      Leave the childhood 

      monsters behind. They 

      can no longer hurt you 

      or stand in your way.



      Hope for the best 

      and never forget that 

      anything is possible 

      as long as you remain 

      dedicated to the task.



      Ignore the negative 

      voice inside your head.

      Focus instead on your 

      goals and remember 

      your accomplishments. 

      Your past success is only 

      a small inkling of what 

      the future holds.



      Journey to new worlds, 

      new possibilities, is 

      mostly by remaining 


      Try to learn something 

      new every day and you 

      will grow in Knowledge.



      Know that no matter 

      how bad things seem,

      to be they will always 

      get better.

      The harshest Winter

      always follows the 

      Warmth of Spring.



      Let love fill your 

      heart instead of hate.

      When hate is in your 

      heart, there is *NO* room 

      for anything else, 

      but when love is in 

      your heart, there’s 

      room for endless 




      Manage your time and 

      your expenses wisely,

      and you’ll suffer less 

      stress and worry. 

      Then you’ll be able to 

      focus on the important 

      things in life.



      Never ignore the poor, 

      infirm, helpless, weak, 

      or suffering people.

      Offer your assistance 

      when possible, and 

      always your kindness 

      and understanding.



      Open your eyes and 

      take in all the beauty 

      around you. 

      Even during the 

      worst of times, 

      there’s still much 

      to be thankful for.



      Never forget to have 

      fun along the way.

      Success means nothing 

      without happiness.



      Ask many questions, 

      because you are here 

      to learn & be informed.



      Refuse to let worry 

      and stress rule your 

      Life, and remember 

      that things always 

      have a way of working 

      out in the end.



      Share your talent,

      skills, knowledge, 

      and time with others.

      Everything that you 

      invest in others will 

      return to you many 

      times Multiplied.



      Even when your 

      dreams seem 

      impossible to reach, 

      try anyway. You’ll be 

      amazed by what you 

      can accomplish.



      Use your gifts to 

      your best ability. 

      Talent that is wasted 

      has no value. Talent 

      that is made into 

      efforts will bring 

      unexpected rewards.



      Value the friends and 

      family members who 

      have supported and 

      encouraged you *&* be 

      there for them as well.



      Work hard every day 

      to be the best person 

      you aspire to be, but 

      never feel guilty if you 

      fall short of your goals. 

      Every *sunrise* offers 

      a second chance.



      Look deep inside the 

      hearts of those around 

      you and you will see 

      the goodness and 

      beauty within.



      Yield to commitment.

      If you stay on track 

      and remain dedicated, 

      you will find success 

      at the end of the road.




      Zoom to a happy 

      place when bad 

      memories or sorrow 

      rears its ugly head.

      Let nothing interfere 

      with your goals. 

      Instead, focus on 

      your abilities, in 

      your dreams, and 

      a brighter tomorrow. 

 From a soul that cares.❤

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“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord.” (James 1:5-7 NIV)
Thoughts for Today
We should never make caregiving decisions lightly. When we need wisdom, we need to ask God. He is never annoyed when we come to him in faith to ask for wisdom. As today’s scripture promises, he gives to us generously.
George Müller was a Christian pastor whose life spanned most of the nineteenth century. He was known for his close walk with Christ and his desire to follow God’s will. He lived what he taught.
God used Müller to provide excellent care for many thousands of orphans, most of whom had been terribly neglected. He depended totally on God’s supernatural provision. Although he never solicited any funds, during his lifetime the equivalent of $120 million (in today’s dollars) were donated to his work. Read more on The George Müller Foundation website.
Consider This …
As caregivers, we can learn much from Müller’s instruction on how to listen to God’s leading when making decisions:

I seek at the beginning to get my heart into such a state that it has no will of its own in regard to a given matter.
Having done this, I do not leave the result to feeling or simple impression. If I do so, I make myself liable to great delusions.
I seek the will of the Spirit through, or in connection with, the Word of God.
Next, I take into account providential circumstances. These often plainly indicate God’s will in connection with His Word and Spirit.
I ask God in prayer to reveal His will to me aright.
Thus, through prayer to God, the study of the Word, and reflection, I come to a deliberate judgment according to the best of my ability and knowledge.
Living Free Every Day® is a ministry of

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Today is just one of those days, I wish I was in love.

I remember the rush, the feeling of being crazy about someone and feeling loved. i guess it doesn’t help that i’ve been listening to ‘little mix’secret love song.

why can’t you hold me in the street?

why can’t you kiss me on the dance floor?

i wish that it could be like that

why can’t we be like that

cause i’m yours.


I want to feel like that again


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A great man is gone

Today it hit me hard. Choko is gone, I remember his catch word ‘Akanchawa’ he always said that instead of a bad word. All this while I was in partial denial, I still feel like when I go to Ph I will see him, in one of our PS gatherings/reunion. He touched my life personally, I can never forget him, he is a pure soul, I remember how he went out of his way to assist my sister in her time of need.

Today, I feel guilty when I laugh, any time I start enjoying something I feel bad like why should I have fun, why should I be happy when you are gone. How do I deal with this.

I can’t ….

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“So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31 NLT)
Thoughts for Today

Earlier this week we mentioned hopeful passion is God- and others-centered. If we have hopeful passion, we are passionate about things that glorify God and help others in some way. The apostle Paul remained God-focused in his passion for the Lord despite many difficulties. He said, “For I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances” (Philippians 4:11 NIV).

Paul’s passion was motivated by a consuming love for Jesus and a great desire to share the love of Jesus with others. Though he experienced ridicule, hatred, beatings, imprisonment, and ultimately execution, he never lost that passion. Why? Because his passion was motivated by love. It was not self-centered. It was God-centered and people-centered. And so no matter what happened to him, he was content as long as he was doing all for the glory of God.

Consider this …

What are some ways we can be more like Paul? How can we be certain our passion is centered on God and others and not ourselves? We need to know Jesus more intimately by spending more time with him and in the Word. Meditate on Bible passages. Pray . . . and listen to what God is saying. Sometimes we may simply need more “stillness” in our life. “Be still, and know that I am God!” (Psalm 46:10 NLT).
“Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life.” (Psalm 139:23-24 NLT)

These thoughts were drawn from . . .

Where is the Image of God in You? by Brad Rymer. The purpose of this study is for us to see how some of the different character
Living Free Every Day® is a ministry of

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Rise above it. There is GREATNESS within you

​Rise above the pain!  You are bigger than your circumstances or your life situation. Your life is not defined by your relationship status, your current job, your bank account, or anything that you have or have not done in the past. Do not listen to any person or automatic negative thoughts that may have conditioned you to think of yourself or your life as a failure.
Do not ever choose a permanent solution for a temporary problem. You have people who need you and who are counting on you. There is always another day and another way. Rise above the pain and know that deep inside of you there is another person waiting to break through. You have the ability to rebuild, regroup, recover and revive!!  Breathe life into your dream.  Know that you can live a meaningful and purposeful life. You are an unrepeatable miracle and your dream can live…despite what you feel or what you are going through right now!  You have something special.
 You have GREATNESS within you!
les brown.

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Old time believers against New generation believers


Kindly read this lines from Dr Paul Enenche, very inspiring. 
“Iron sharpens iron”.

In the late 70’s and early 80’s, when believers met each other, their mode of greeting was: 
‘How are you,brother? 

Have you heard about the Welsh revival? 

Did you read about Evan Roberts? 

I saw something in ‘Herald of His Coming’ that just shook me. 
I read something about Smith Wigglesworth. 

Did you hear how John Hyde stained the walls of his room with the breath of his prayer? 
I read that Maria Woodworth Ether was approaching a place to preach and fifty miles from the place where she was, people were falling under the anointing…”
Those were the kinds of things we said to each other. 

When you heard it, it set you ablaze. 

Your friend might say to you, ‘When I read that, I locked up myself for ten hours. I did not come out’. 

And you look at him, ‘You said how many hours? I will see you later!’ 

You just go into the room and lock yourself up: 

‘What! What am I doing with my life?’ 
And you go on and on. 
That was how we sharpened each other in those days. 
Iron sharpeneth iron! 
We learned of William Booth of the Salvation Army. 

We learned of Charles G. Finney riding a horse through town and everyone was crying for his or her sins… 

We read of D.L Moody: They said, ‘God is looking for a man to use, and he is looking for a man that will not care who takes the glory.’ D.L. Moody, a shoe maker, said, ‘By the grace of God, I will be that man’ … 
When you read that, it sets you on fire. And if you heard it from someone who read it from somewhere and shared it with you, you would be sharpened. 

That was how we sharpened each other. 
Today, it is different. 

When two pastors meet, you hear things like, ‘Pastor, how is the church building? Have you finished it now? 

I like this neck tie of yours; where did you buy it from? 

This wristwatch is powerful! 

Who helped you to get this car? 

Can you assist me to get the car also? I like it! 

Your suit is powerful. Is it ready-made or someone sewed it? 

Who is your barber?  I like the way you cut your hair. 
These the vanities believers discuss these days – things of no eternal consequences. It is very rare before you can come into the presence of a servant of God and leave edified. We rarely hear that a person went to see a man of God, a real man of God and left there challenged, with his soul set on fire. It is very very rare. 
My heart yearns for those days… A brother would read a book that changed his life and he would share the inspiration: 

Have you seen Smith Wigglesworth ‘Apostle of Faith’? You need to read it. 

John G. Lake’s ‘Adventure in God’? You need to read it. 

Leonard Ravenhill’s ‘Why Revival Tarries’? ‘Sodom had no Bible’? 

What about E.M. Bounds ‘The Power of Prayer’? 

Charles Spurgeons ‘His Power in Us’? 

E.W Kenyon’s ‘Two Kinds of Faith’?

A.W Tozer’s ‘In Pursuit of God’? 

Oswald J. Smiths ‘The Man God

Those were qualitative materials that we advertised and used to change our lives … 
Who is it that is sharpening you? Who are the people around you sharpening your life? 
Please, watch your company. 
Some pastors had more fire until they entered the circle of friends they are in today. 

Watch the persons you call friends. 
Iron sharpens iron. Nothing sharpens iron like iron.”

Dr. Paul Enenche.

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